Naples, Florida

This spacious family home is a classic BeeTogether tale. How did we tell the story? This is a property for those who like to be with others, so we wanted to capture the flow and freedom of the space. We did this by highlighting the interconnected bedrooms, leaving doors open, and by ensuring that the property was brightly lit.

Manhattan, New York

This Manhattan apartment makes you want to be BeeFootloose. How did we tell the story? We made sure to capture the endless building amenities to spark the right buyer's imagination. The property's seamless infrastructure is complimented by the biggest benefit - the view. Our dedicated skyline images can't fail to make a big impression.

South Lanarkshire, Scotland

This tasteful home is another BeeTogether location for those who enjoy the finer things in life. How did we tell the story? The property’s stylish features - a gym, sunroom, built in wardrobes, sumptuous interior decor - all have an air of luxury that we tried to capture in the gorgeous detail of the period fireplace.

Miami, Florida

This apartment in Miami is a classic BeeAway home. How did we tell the story? We wanted to convey the vibrancy of the property, from the motorbike parked outside to the breathtaking water view. This space is ideal for those who look on the bright side so we used a vibrant filter to breath life into the owner’s tasteful collectables.

Chelsea, New York

This stylish Chelsea apartment oozes in sophistication. How did we tell the story? We made sure to capture the vibrant impression of the standalone bed and bath in the bright sunlight, but the rest of the space deserved a different ambience. We chose evening light to capture the sensual atmosphere of the property. Whether it's curling up with a book in the wood-paneled snug or enjoying engaging conversations with friends as the sun sets over the city, this space offers versatility and charm, day or night.

Belleisle Drive, Scotland

This family hideaway makes us want to BeeLuxurious. How did we tell the story? We made sure to capture each room from different angles to demonstrate the free flow of the property, along with the particular seating areas for relaxing. We also parked a luxury car on the driveway to keep the aspirational buyer engaged. 

Miami, Florida

This gorgeous Miami condo is a BeFootloose destination. How did we tell the story? We made sure to shoot the space from multiple angles, capturing the various experiences and moments that this exquisite property can offer to the right person. We also carefully captured the bustling view of the port below, including the graceful yacht entering the harbor.

Manhattan, New York

This fun filled Manhattan apartment is an exciting location for a BeeFootloose tale. How did we tell the story? We focused on the cool lifestyle elements like the guitar tucked under the stairs. We showcased the potential experiences awaiting the new buyer via the building's amenities, including the gym and sun terrace.

Tarbet, Scotland

This quaint cottage is a gorgeous BeAway location. How did we tell the story? Tucked inside the cosy corner of stunning loch, we wanted to capture the property's sweet simplicity, showcasing its idyllic details in soft focus - notably the sun drenched memories of the owners on the window sill - alongside the sumptuous green of the surrounding views.